Homeland’s end is star of Morena Baccarin’s ‘new’ movie career | News | Fans Share

Morena Baccarin announced at the recent SAG awards that neither she nor co-star Damian Lewis will be returning to their highly rated television series “Homeland” but this may turn out to be a positive move for the Brazilian born actress. 2013 was a very successful year for her as she received an Emmy nomination for her role in the series as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and she filmed the movie “Back in the Day” and performed the voice of one the Batman characters in the video movie “Son of Batman”. In addition, she became pregnant and gave birth to her first child, a son, in October 2013. As such if there was ever a year in which she would want to be able to take advantage of the positive changes in her life the year of 2014 is that year.


The last image on a television screen that a movie producer or director will have is that of Morena Baccarin on a top rated television show following her being recognized for an outstanding performance in a television series. When her agents now contact movie producers and directors letting them know she is available they will be able to market her as an actress whose acting expertise has reached a superior level and she is now ready to make the move onto the big screen.

Moreover, her agents will be able to suggest to Hollywood producers and directors that they take a look at how great she looked at the January 2014 SAG Awards only months after having her first child and they will be able to show a woman who has had no difficulty losing her baby weight and would easily be ready to film a movie role in the upcoming months if not weeks.


The ending of the series “Homeland” occurred at just the right time for Morena Baccarin as she is now able to pursue movie opportunities that can fit around her schedule and her future acting objectives as she is now an Emmy nominated actress who a producer might be adding to a film and not an actress from a hit television series. Morena Baccarin now has the one thing that every agent wants when they are looking for an acting role for a client: leverage.

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