Serenity – Leaves on the wind

The continuation of Firefly/Serenity/the greatest story ever told involving space cowboys, witty dialog, crazy girl, whor… I mean companion, a loyal second in command, an aficionado of Hawaiian shirts, a dedicated doctor, a fresh faced but far from innocent mechanic, a hired gun whose loyalty is buy-able, a religious man who seems to know his way around violence and of course, the most heroic, dashing captain ever to fly into the skies.

Following on from the events of the movie, which included the loss of two of the crew, the Alliance is in full damage control after the broadcast and the crew of Serenity are no where to be found. On board, things have changed and yet some things have not.

Straight away, Serenity – Leaves on the wind, feels like those 10 year old sneakers that you keep even though there are holes in the leather, the sole has come loose, and the smell could kill a nerf herder. It is comfortable and reassuring in a way that few things are. Reading those characters again brings it all back and it is almost like the reader never left the series, or rather the show left the reader.

There are a couple of surprises revealed straight away as well as the unexpected return of a protagonist from the show. Infact the only thing that warrants complaint is the fact that the issue has only 25 pages of story. It is the equivalent of a 30 minute tv special, enough to whet the appetite but no where near enough to satisfy what is a decade long hunger.

The size of the issue aside, Serenity – Leaves on the wind is so enjoyable and sets up what hopefully will be a long and glorious series.